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Fitness Centers

Certified Person Training


Free Fitness Classes
Available at Dragon and Blake Fitness Centers. All classes are for all levels of fitness and can be done with modifications to fit specific needs.
For class descriptions see listing below.
• August Schedule
NOTE: Currently the Yoga class listed is being instructed via a video/kiosk.
Thursday's Cycling class is now at noon.


Massage Therapy at the HAWC
Hour and half-hour appointments are now available Monday-Friday at the HAWC. Swedish, deep tissue, aroma therapy, reflexology, pregnancy and hot stone original body therapy massages are offered by our licensed therapists. To schedule an appointment, call 376-8579. LMT 2245 | LMT 1699
Massage Therapy Price List


Certified Personal Training
Personal training sessions are available by appointment at the HAWC (Health & Wellness Center).
Half-hour session $20 | Full-hour session $40
Three (3) half-hour sessions $54 | Three (3) full-hour sessions $105
Ten (10) half-hour sessions $150 | Ten (10) full-hour sessions $250
Call 376-8579 to schedule.


Fitness Class Descriptions
All classes except for Yoga are approved for Fitness Improvement Program.
Cardio Interval Training
This class provides various types of cardiorespiratory exercises mixed with strength training exercises. You receive the best of both cardio exercise and strength training.
This class provides various types of simulated indoor cycling rides and is designed to provide you a fun, yet challenging, workout. Burn an average of 600 calories per session!
High Intensity Interval Training - FREE
This class consists of alternating intervals of High Intense Cardio activity and recovery periods.  Get a full cardio workout plus an extended core workout.
Power Pump - FREE
This class will increase your strength and endurance training using weights, resistance bands, a step, squats, lunges and core work, to give the entire body an overall workout.
TurboCore - FREE
This challenging class targets the abdominals, back and hips.  Learn how to effectively strengthen your core using proper form and technique.
WarFit - $3/person
The instructor will lead you through a warm up followed by a skills lesson with cardiorespiratory and strength training components as part of the workout of the day.
Yoga - FREE
This is a mind and body class that couples movement with breath.  Through the holding of postures, this class allows you to slow down and center. The instructor guides you through various postures and poses leaving you feeling refreshed, centered and rejuvenated.
Zumba - FREE
This class features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.  It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. Participants will enjoy a fun-filled cardio workout, burn a lot of calories and strengthen the core.


FREE Microfit Testing and Bod Pod Analysis
Available by appointment at the HAWC, free of charge. To schedule, call 376-8579.


HAWC • Health & Wellness Center
Located next door to Dragon Fitness Center.
  Commercial (228) 376-8579 / DSN 591-8579
  604 Chappie James Blvd., Bldg 4104
  Keesler AFB, MS 39534
• Massage Therapy
• Bod Pod Analysis
• Fitness Assessments
   Hours of Operation

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